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Heat Nation: Best Fans in the NBA

Without a shadow of a doubt, people love to hate Miami and anything that represents our Magic City (thanks Haters for making this site possible). Yet, isn’t it funny that, whatever the reason that fuels their rage, Haters base their arguments only on pure prejudice and spite. We LOVE Miami because, above all else, we base our pride on facts, and the numbers have just proven us correct again. recently published their 2015 List of the NBA’s Best Fans and Heat Nation came in ranked #1. Using five variables–hometown crowd reach, 3 years worth of television ratings, 3 years of arena attendance based on capacity reached, 3 years worth of merchandise sales, and social media reach–Heat Nation demonstrated their faithfulness in a world class organization that not only accurately reflects what Miami stands for but also has permeated South Florida culture from the pastel-colored streets of South Beach to the Cuban bastion of Hialeah, from the artsy hub of Wynwood, to the lazy beaches of Fort Lauderdale.

And to further enrage the Nameless One’s Court of Mindless Followers aka The Bandwagon, Heat Nation’s appreciation for the Heat started well before 2010. Since 2004, Heat team merchandise have been among the most popular with several players being on the top selling jerseys list. Since 2004, Heat Nation ranks among the Top 5 in game attendance and filling the arena to capacity. The Heat’s social media following ranks 3rd among all teams with a reach that extends well beyond the South Florida region. And yes, even without the Nameless One here, the Heat still play in front of capacity crowds, still sell copious amounts of merchandise, and still command a strong presence on the national television scene.
So the next time a Hater says Heat fans are fickle, bring up how just as recently as last Sunday, the 12th man fans of the Seahawks also walked when they believed their team was going to lose. And if all Heat fans left the AAA at the end of Game 6 then who are those white hot, crazed individuals in the background beholding The Shot?
And the next time a Hater says Heat fans are few in number, bring up the throngs of people lining Biscayne Blvd. for the THREE Championship Parades.
And the next time a Hater says Miami fans have no passion, kindly bring up a few examples of the contrary like Banana Man, DJ Irie, Pepe Billete, Rick Ross (and his face tattoo) and the pots and pans banging fans lining the streets after a Heat Championship.
Because in the end, we live in America’s paradise, we walk the walk AND talk the talk, we carry ourselves with elegance and arrogance, we are Miami, we are HEAT NATION!

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