Azea “Stanley” Augustama (2/5)

Once hailed as the “King of NMB “ on the streets of North Miami Beach, Azea Augustama is a professional boxer and 2008 Beijing Olympics qualifier. Azea was born in Haiti but made his way over to Miami when he was just 4 years of age. Like any tough kid in Miami, he got into a lot of street fights and eventually, him and his brothers picked up boxing. Seeing tremendous success in the amateurs, Azea was able to qualify for the 2008 Olympics. After his run there, he turned pro and is currently boasting a good record of 20-3. Still a contender and has the potential to one day, compete for the world title at 175 lbs. Stanley had a tough up and coming, having to work while following a strict boxing workout. He has trained with the best of them, having gave guys like Bernard Hopkins, David Haye, and Jean Pascale a run for their money in sparring.

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