Kevin “Baby Slice” Ferguson Jr. (5/5)

We’ve mentioned carrying Kimbo’s legacy a few times in this post, but no one is doing it like Kimbo’s heir himself, Baby Slice. Kevin Ferguson Jr. is Kimbo’s son, which is why he goes by the name “Baby Slice.” He is doing his dad justice and keeping the family name proud. Kevin is currently competing as a pro MMA fighter signed to Bellator. Showing flashes of his father, but with a more versatile ground game, Baby Slice is a beast in the ring, and the best part, he is only getting better. He is still young on his road to champion but he shows that he is more than capable of getting there.

Here is one of Kevin’s impressive victories:

Support Our Boys

These guys are representing Miami right and bringing on the haters! They helped show that we breed the toughest guys around. Attend their fights, follow them, show them love.

Source: Brawl Bros.

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