5 Reasons Dolfans Should Want Mike Wallace Back in 2015

We know there has been a lot of talk about the status of Mike Wallace, especially after how he carried himself in the last game of the season against the Jets. But, if everyone can put that episode aside and see the bigger picture, we may be better off with Wallace in Miami next season than not.
1. MONEY. This is probably the one reason even the most ardent detractors of Wallace would concede to. We owe the guy a shitload of cash; so whether he plays for us or not, we will be paying out the blowhole for him. Logic would suggest let him at least try to earn that money.
2. All this “high-character” nonsense is complete bullshit. Oh he’s selfish? He’s a diva? He’s not a team player? How many quality contributors are we going to let walk or trade because they’re not perfect fucking angels and model citizens? We’ve let elite skill players like Brandon Marshall and Vontae Davis go either because they were too passionate (ok, unstable), or didn’t take training camp serious enough for coach Philbin. We’ve also let Sean Smith and Karlos Dansby go (how much could we have used a corner like Davis or Smith, or a LB like Dansby this year?). I don’t need my football team to be a church choir, I just need them to WIN. If there’s a couple of assholes on the team I don’t care so long as they help us win football games. Aren’t we tired of having a mediocre football team? Are we trying to become the BYU of pro football? With a morality code that costs us talent?
3. The “he kills our team chemistry” garbage is also bullshit. Percy Harvin (if anonymous reports are to be believed) is apparently an asshole, a locker-room cancer going all the way back to his UF days. That didn’t stop the Seahawks from picking him up and winning the Super Bowl last year, and it didn’t stop the Jets from acquiring him through trade. Terrell Owens had probably as bad a reputation for being a teammate as any player in recent history, he still helped the Eagles get over the hump and into the Super Bowl where he played very well. Randy Moss was considered a selfish player too, the Pats took a “risk” and he helped them to an undefeated regular season and a Super Bowl appearance. Look, we all know the Patriots are cheaters, but shit, they’re winning aren’t they? Maybe football Pro Football isn’t the place for morality policing.
4. He is by far the best WR on our team, period. Yes, Jarvis Landry gave us a lot to look forward to, but he averaged only 9 yards a catch, he’s not (at least yet) a number 1 receiver I this league. Maybe Mike Wallace isn’t either, but he’s the closest thing we have to one by far. We all know he’s fast; Patrick Peterson has been quoted as saying he’s the fastest WR he’s ever covered by far (faster than Desean Jackson even). Knowing this, we’ve used him essentially as a possession receiver his entire stay here. No doubt when he came here he thought he would be used as a deep threat as we was used so successfully in Pitt, instead we have maybe the fastest WR in the league running 50 hitches a game, with the occasional drag or post route to keep things fresh. Still, even though we’re using him with little regard to his skillset, he’s managed to average 70 grabs, over 900 yards, and 7.5 td’s in his 2 seasons in Mia. That seems underwhelming for a guy with a contract the size of Wallace’s, but when you consider that he compiled these stats with no more than 3 or 4 deep ball connections over the course of a two-year span, it’s a bit more impressive.
5. Potential. Yes, potential. He’s still more than a couple years from 30, and he’s had to become a more complete receiver since we’ve been unable to throw the deep ball since he’s been here. If we can shore up a line that was ranked dead-last in the NFL last year (according to Pro Football Focus), maybe he and Tanny can finally get into a rhythm and open up the deep game. Imagine how good Wallace can be if we can throw him the deep ball In addition to the 5 yard outs he’s surely by now perfected. I’m tired of the dink and dunking, the careful play-calling. We need to be able to stretch the defense to keep Lamar Miller free of too many men in the box and to throw the deep ball; and like it or not, Mike Wallace is as good as any WR in the league for those purposes.

#MikeWallace #MiamiDolphins #Dolphins #Phins #Touchdown

A video posted by @disgruntledphinatic on

#MikeWallace #MiamiDolphins #Dolphins #Phins #Touchdown

A video posted by @disgruntledphinatic on

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