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Cristiano Ronaldo: Coming To America

Miami has landed stars throughout the years for different sports. Just this year itself the Heat landed Goran Dragic after he demanded to be traded to Miami, Ndamukong Suh left depressive Detroit for the Dolphins, and the Marlins made Giancarlo Stanton MLB’s richest man AND added pieces around him. We work where people vacation and that’s why many athletes want to work here too.
This brings me to David Beckham. While he isn’t playing anymore but he is currently working on a stadium to start an MLS team in Miami. What if I told you that Beckham’s draw could also bring one of the world’s greatest soccer stars here as well? Ok well listen.. *Drum roll please.*
According to CBS Sports, Cristiano Ronaldo might be coming to America to play for the MLS in 2018 and one city he is interested in playing for? Miami.
Miami is a soccer city waiting to be opened up. With Beckham at the helm, it would make perfect sense that Ronaldo comes to Miami to play and launch a franchise while also being the superstar of the franchise itself. We are all familiar with Ronaldo’s accolades on and off the field. On the field he is instantly one of the best and off the field…well have you seen the women in Miami?
Miami is one of the greatest cities in the world and what better to tap into the fan base with an owner who has been of the best of all time AND led by a player who can sell out a stadium every night?
I have no credible sources neither do I possess knowledge of any soccer deal or transaction about this MLS Miami team, but I’m willing to bet a hefty $5 that Ronaldo will be dawning a Miami jersey come 2018. GOOOOOAAALLLLLL!!!

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