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Dwyane Wade Injury Update for Denver

Dwyane Wade gave it a try, and it didn’t go well. After the foot injury he suffered a couple days prior during the Grizzlies game, Wade went through a work out before the Clippers game to X-Ray his foot, which revealed a negative result. He played the whole game and was noticeably not right towards the end of the game will have to put on another show less than 24 hours against Denver!
Dwyane Wade missed the 2012 London Olympics due to his knee surgery and recovery which seemed to be going well. With the hope that he would return in time to help the Miami Heat defend their title was only challenged when he started suffering injuries unrelated to his knee. The 2012-2013 season is still young and teammates LeBron James and Chris Bosh will have to deal with the challenges this season will present if Dwyane Wade can’t fully recover.

“As he recovered from the knee surgery in the off season, he’s sprained his ankle, hurt his foot and jammed his finger,” LeBron said after the Clippers game. “He’s going to have to try to get healthy because I know that it’s affecting his play on the floor and I know he wants to play at the highest level, and he’s capable of doing that when he’s healthy. His health right now…as his knee is getting better, he’s banging up other things.”

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