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Dwyane Wade starts Training Camp with Caution.

The reigning NBA Champions, Miami Heat, will be stepping back on the court tomorrow for the highly anticipated start to training. On Thursday the Miami Heat opened media day where Coach Spoelstra answered an array of questions about the upcoming season in which Dwyane Wade and his knee injury took center stage.

On July 9th, Wade had arthroscopic surgery on a nagging knee injury that he dealt with during the majority of the season and the entire playoffs. The knee surgery forced DWade to miss the London Olympics, where he spent summer traveling around Europe for business and promoting his new Book “A Father Firstback in the United States on his book tour.
Dwyane Wade has made his way back on the court and his knee rehabilitation is right on schedule but Coach Spoelstra still didn’t make it 100% clear that Dwyane would be ready for the Season opener against on October 30th vs. Boston. Ray Allen, also coming off of his own injury(ankle) would be due to replace Dwyane Wade in the starting line up for a dramatic game against his former Championship Team.

“He’s not 100 percent,” Spoelstra said on Dwyane Wade, “So we’re going to be very vigilant on how we progress him.” Spoelstra continued and said that Dwyane would be limited during training camp to get him back to full health whenever he may happen to return.
DHM Question of the Day: Will Dwyane Wade be ready for the Season Opener vs Boston?

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