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New Times: Heat Fans Need to Stop Thanking LeBron and Start Giving Dwyane Wade Some Credit


Today the New Times Miami wrote an article about the way fans have dealt with LeBron leaving Miami. With some of the recent news coming out about his departure maybe fans should step back and refocus. Here is an excerpt from the article.
“I’ve read a thousand columns about LeBron James’ departure from the Miami Heat. I’ve seen a million tweets containing the hashtag “#ThankYouLeBron.” I’ve seen fans express how ecstatic they are to see Chris Bosh remain with the Miami Heat.
What I haven’t seen is enough space dedicated to thanking Dwyane Wade for making it all possible. So I figured I might carve out a little myself. After all, when you trace back everything the Miami Heat was able to accomplish these past four years, it all leads back to the greatest player in the history of the franchise. None of it happens without Dwyane Wade.”
Read the Full Article Here: Miami New Times

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