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Pat Riley does the math on "Dynasties"


There were some quotes that the press left out in the initial release of Pat Riley’s Speech about keeping LeBron. Definitely puts some perspective on what the Heat are going through.

“[The] Celtics were supposed to be a great team in the ’80s—12 years together, three wins, nine losses. The Chicago Bulls, from ’87 to ’98, 11 times in 11 years they won six titles, that’s five times that Michael [Jordan], Scottie [Pippen] and Horace Grant lost. The Lakers, from I think ’96, with Shaq and Kobe, to today, like 14 or 15 years, they won five [titles]. That means they lost 12 times. The Spurs, in 17 years, won five titles. So you add it up, what’s the math there? You know, they lost 12 times.”

So with the Heat winning 2 out of 4 championships and making it into every Final since joining together, the numbers seem to be on our side.

What do you think?

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